The Snow Brightens My Office and I Love it!

When you work from home, the weather can influence mood quite a bit. For example, in the Summer and warmer months, I like to work outside on my patio. When it’s raining, I feel a calm and tend to work on detailed projects more carefully. When it’s cold and dark, like it is now in […]

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Looking back on WordPress in 2015

So here we are in 2016 already! But, let’s go back just a bit to discuss what happened in December 2015 in the world of WordPress. After all, it was a very “rich” month when it came to news. We had new releases, new goals to focus on in the new year, lots of stats, […]

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Skip the Legacy CMS for Your Next Website

There are hundreds of Content Management Systems out there, some of them Open-Source, others require licensing, and that can get expensive. I once worked for an advertising agency (no names please) and when we sold a website, we built in a $12,000 annual license for the software. Twelve-thousand Dollars for the license, annually. Ridiculous, and […]

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Marketing Trends for 2016

It’s been a wild year for marketers. 100 million people use Snapchat daily, Google sprang a major rebrand with the reveal of a holding company called Alphabet, adblocking technology hit mobile, and the ROI for direct mail campaigns is on par with social media ads. Digital marketing has undergone a substantial transformation. The technology that […]

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Using WooFramework to Streamline WordPress Development

The following is a list of plugins, functions and services that we frequently use. These components have been approved and used on hundreds of websites. In combination with the Canvas framework, these components build responsive websites with scalable features that can be managed easily by non-technical users. WooFramework The Woo Framework is a framework created […]

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