Happy Birthday Erica Meyer

Babe, just wanted to say that you have been a real bright spot in my life; grounding, convivial, romantic. Accepting of the nuances in our lives, the grace you walk with is a comformting inspiration, something that I have not found in a woman.

What a gift you are.

Our journey together will be filled with laughter, adulation, and passion.

Let’s continue to trek it, hand-in-hand.

Happy Birthday, from myself, Michael Sheen, the Zebra and Sea Turtle community! 😀

Oh, and I wrote you a quick sonnet!

Upon this day, where joy and love entwine,
With time as her ally, Erica so fine,
In radiant light, her smile does gleam,
A beacon of joy, a sunbeam.

With care that echoes in a mother’s song,
She guides her children, Jack and Maverick, along,
Her spirit kind, a haven strong and true,
In every hug, love tenderly imbued.

Fierce determination, a flame aglow,
She faces challenges with strength to show,
Through storms and sunsets, steadfast as the dawn,
In Erica’s heart, resilience drawn.

Her faith in God, a pillar pure and strong,
In every trial, her praise becomes a song.

As Jason stands beside, his affection declared,
In every verse, his affection shared.

— Happy Birthday cute ass